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User flow

User acquisition and engagement


Teach users about your features

You usually have one shot once the user signs up. Make sure they have all the information they need.

Boost your retention

The quality of the users you get is up to 10X better than other channels. They get in with context and acknowledging why you rock.

Beat the competition

You are actually paying for the user's attention. Tell them why you are better than alternatives!

your community

Reward with NFTs and start building a digital community around your brand.

Know your user

We provide you with monthly reports on your campaigns to know whether your message is landing, and how you can improve your strategy.

Go Live


Choose the form of the reward

It can be any crypto like Bitcoin, USDC, digital gold like PAXG, and more. You may also reward with NFTs and make them redeemable!

Prepare your content

You can have any call to action: a quiz, a trivia, or even a registration, a share or a download.

Get ready to convert

Pay only if you are successful. The incentives of the user, you, and us, are fully aligned.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Why wouldn't users make the actions just to make money?

Rewards are conditional to calls to action. Best thing is you decide which is the call to action. Do you want it to be a completed order? You can!

How can I know I'm converting unique users?

We do KYC to all our users. This means: no risk of duplicates, they live where you need them to live, and they are who they say they are.

Resources for growing your product

Curated content to help you learn how to use data to drive product-led growth.